2012 (lafemmemange.wordpress.com)
"The service is terribly nice and earnest"

While tourists come to Paris looking for, rightfully so, the superlative duck confit or the swoon-worthy foie gras, we who are here all year round are constantly on the lookout for greater variety beyond French food. So when an American friend told us about Blues Bar-B-Q around the Bastille, we immediately gathered another friend to join us for a night of ribs and such.[...]
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2012 (K. Johnson
"I'm from Texas. So is Diana from Dallas.
And so is good BBQ."

Diana and her husband are the owners of Blues Bar-B-Q (1 rue Sedaine, 75011) and they bring you Texas BBQ and Blues. They say "Eat In or Take Out!" and run specials like Wednesday's Pork Rib Plate with a 3 euro beer. They offer mesquite-smoked brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, sausage, chicken, chili dogs, and chili fries. Blues BBQ is a sauce ON type of joint[...]
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2012 (likehomeinparis.com
"the barbecue here is much better than
what you should be able to find in Paris."

Sometimes I just need to step away from the foie gras served at most Paris bistros and give my taste buds a trip down memory lane, American style. Recently I stumbled upon the one and only barbecue restaurant in Paris, Blues Bar-B-Q[...]
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2012 (K. Page
"A dream comes true for expats like me"

Sometimes I just need to step away from the foie gras served at most Paris bistros and give my taste buds a trip down memory lane, American style. Recently I stumbled upon the one and only barbecue restaurant in Paris, Blues Bar-B-Q[...]
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14/11/2010 (Indianapolis, IN
"it just seems too good to be true"

Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, sausage - smokey goodness. This was one of those experiences where it just seems too good to be true and so we ordered basically everything on the chalkboard menu including: all of the above and cornbread (with jalapeno peppers mixed in!), chili fries, coleslaw, vegetable gumbo and cheesecake.
The ribs are great - cooked over 5 hours low and slow...mmmm. Brisket very good also. Sauce is nice and tangy. I think I'm pretty knowledgeable about bar-b-q and the quality of the food here would compete anywhere it the US, but the really really really cool thing is its in Paris - and  you can't get this type of cuisine anywhere else in the city. [...] Funny - they do "take out" (not "to take away" ;-) and that business alone is sure to increase. The price is really right right now as they work to build their business - so GO THERE.


This here is the real deal. Slowly smoked meats. Savory-sweet barbecue sauce. Baked beans with just enough spice. Cornbread that's light and fluffy and sweet. All served up by a chef from South Carolina and a very sweet owner from Texas - real south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-Line people. [...] This isn't McDonald's. Nor Burger King. If you're in the South, you're going to find little to no cheese, certainly not in your barbecue. Unlike other so-called American places here, you won't find any hot dogs, either. Or carrot cake. Alright, if you insist, they have brownies and cheesecake. But quite honestly, there's only one reason to come here: The barbecue.
Oh, and one more reason: Grolsch on tap for €2.70 a glass. (Only €1 on Monday nights!) But get down here quick. Pretty soon they're gonna figure out that they're charging too little. Get on it! 

07/11/2010 (Philipp L.)

"Good selection of authentic BBQ"

Good selection of pretty authentic BBQ. The ribs are great, as is the cornbread. I also enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich. Skip on the beans, a have a grolsch instead - on Mondays it's €1 per pint!!!

12/10/2010 (Dhiveley - Roseville, MIN)

"A delight to discover"
A newly opened nearby restaurant was a delight to discover. It is called Blues Bar-B-Q, and is actually owned and operated by a woman from Texas...... great Pulled Pork sandwches.


2012 (theparisletter.blogspot.fr)
"And you know what? It is not bad at all!"

A few months ago I was walking around near Bastille and I saw this place: Blues Bar-B-Q? What the heck is this doing in Paris? I have to admit, I viewed this with some trepidation. It must have been not long after my burrito-with-swiss-cheese experience here. Or maybe my worst pregnant ordering mistake, the pineapple & velveeta quesadilla I had in Helsinki. [...]
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2012 (M. Dosso
"Petites ou grosses faims,
tout le monde y trouve son compte. "

Loin de la cuisine traditionnelle de maman, nous voila plongés au cœur du Texas, une fois passée la porte de ce petit dinner. Un espace réduit mais charmant, qui ne nous offre qu'une dizaine de places assises. Suivez-nous pour une visite guidée ! [...]
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2012 (S. Pauvert
"Tout l'environnement nous plonge
dans l'ambiance américaine"

Le Blues Bar-B-Q est le 1er Restaurant Américain de Paris à utiliser la technique traditionnelle de cuisson au Barbecue (au bois). Tout l'environnement nous plonge dans l'ambiance américaine : la déco, la musique blues, le Chef de Caroline du Sud et la Propriétaire du Texas (on y parle exclusivement anglais) ! [...]
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2012 (dequelleplaneteestu.com
"A piece of heaven for expats like me"

This little place is a piece of heaven for expats like me (I'd say at least). Owned and run by a woman from Dallas, Blues BBQ is tucked in a little street near Basille and offers classic American BBQ dishes…. done right. The cherry on top… their Mac 'N Cheese.[...]
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2012 (ruedodessa.com
"If you've never had BBQ give it a try."

Most people know I love BBQ, especially what I consider to be the 'best' – Carolina style chopped pork with eastern NC vinegar based sauce on a soft bun with cole slaw and hush puppies. I do appreciate tender ribs and other styles of BBQ, but nothing to me is better than that sandwich. So I was very excited to find Blues Bar-B-Q in Paris, even if it's Texas style.[...]
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29/9/2010 (Paris)

"Ca n'est pas un MacDo. Ni un Burger King"
Tout est vrai. La viande lentement fumée. La sauce barbecue sucrée-salée. Les haricots roses un poil piquants. Le cornbread (galette de semoule de maïs) léger et doux. Le tout préparé par un chef de la Caroline du Sud et une propriétaire du Texas -des vrais Southerners. [...] Ca n'est pas un MacDo. Ni un Burger King. Au sud des États-Unis on trouve peu ou pas de fromage. Il n'y a pas de hot dog. Ni de carrot cake. Bon, si tu insistes on sert les brownies et le cheesecake. Mais franchement, il y a une seule raison d'y venir : le barbecue.
Oh, il y a une autre raison : la Grolsch à 2,70€. (Seulement 1€ le lundi soir!) Mais dépêche-toi. Bientôt ils se rendront compte que les prix sont un peu trop bas. Attaque !

22/9/2010 (Paris)

"Heaven on a Well-Priced Bun"
This little restaurant is just off of the Place de la Bastille and is nothing short of amazing. They're open every day of the week except for Tuesdays from lunch through dinner time. They serve up fantastic, southern barbecue for prices you just can't find in Paris. They have an all day sandwich special for just over eight euros that includes your choice of sandwich, side, and a drink. I've had the pulled pork each time I've been there, and I can say that I can't find pulled pork that good in the States. I mean the place is run by Texans, you know the barbecue is going to be good. They're small and cozy and play blues and jazz music all day long. It's a little american barbecue diner with red cushioned seats and formica table tops and all. I have nothing but good things to say about this place, and I go back there regularly.